Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare

Learn about many common mistakes people make in signing up for Social Security benefits. Uncover little known strategies that could boost your lifetime benefits and KEY FACTORS you need to know BEFORE applying for Social Security. Don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars in benefits unnecessarily! TIMING COULD BE EVERYTHING!

5 STRATEGIES for Maximizing Social Security Benefits:

  • Work Longer/Earn More
  • Apply at the Optimal Time
  • Coordinate Spousal Benefits
  • Maximize Survivor Benefits
  • Minimize Taxes on Benefits

Today’s Medicare has new health plan choices and is more complicated than it was only a few years ago. Understand the four parts of Medicare and the choices for how you get Medicare coverage.

Learn 5 FACTS

  • Medicare is mandatory once you are retired
  • If you don’t sign up for Medicare on time you will pay a late enrollment fee
  • Medicare doesn’t cover everything
  • Your out-of-pocket health costs in retirement will probably be higher that you will expect
  • Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care.


Sept 21, Oct 25, Nov 30
6:30-8:30 PM


West Valley College, room TBA

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