Tai Chi

Tai Chigong

Boost your “life force energy” in 10 minutes. The health benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong are widely recognized. Benefits include reducing stress, improving balance, muscle/bone strengthening, increasing metabolism and immune function, and more. Learn the following:

  • “Four Energies” micro sequence – foundation of all styles of Tai Chi that integrates mind/body/spirit by cultivating awareness, focus and intent.
  • Tai Chi Walking – develops balance and proper posture while strengthening the legs and core.
  • Qigong Flow – repetitive, flowing movements that loosen stiff/painful joints while opening energy channels.

Jason Chan (jasonchanproductions.com) is a massage, ergonomic and tai chi instructor/therapist specializing in chronic low back, neck and shoulder pain with 17 years of experience. No experience is required. $20 material fee for instructional DVD due at class.


10:00 – 12:00 PM


Jason Chan


West Valley College, room TBA

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